Will & Probate

Everything you need to Get Probate.

Quickly and Efficiently.

A Complete and Comprehensive Guide that makes the probate process understandable.

This guide will save you

Dozens of Hours and Hundreds of Pounds.

If you are having to deal with the death of a partner or a family member the chances are that you will be confused by all of the information you have been given and the sometimes confusing options that you are facing.


Sadly there is no getting away from the fact that at a time of grief and turmoil you are faced with the task of administrating an estate.


Your choice is whether to do it yourself, or use a professional and our guide 'How to Get Probate' is designed to help you arrive at the right decision risk free..

How to Get Probate is a low cost fact filled guide that takes you step by step through the process of obtaining probate by doing it yourself. It contains easy to follow guides for each step and links to all the  relevant forms and publications that you will need to get probate by yourself.


With How to Get Probate you have the added advantage that if you find that it is too much to cope with on your own you get a full credit against our professional fees if we take over the process on your behalf at any time. So you always get value for money and there is no risk to the estate.

How To Get Probate

How To Get Probate

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The pack includes all these essential resources

  • A Step By Step Guide to getting probate and administering the estate.

  • Executors Duties and Responsibilities.

  • Dealing with Executors Liabilities.

  • Workflow - What you should be doing and when.

  • Fact Finder - The essential facts about the estate.

  • Property Valuation Guide.

  • Vehicle Valuation Guide.

  • Valuing Personal Chattels.

  • Insurance Advice and acces to relevant resources.

  • Guide to protecting and selling property.

  • Standard Valuation Letter/ Email Templates.

  • A full suite of closure letters.

  • Dealing With HMRC Guide

  • Paying Inheritance Tax Guide

  • Dealing with the Courts

  • Oath Swearing Information

  • Access to all necessary government forms.

  • Guide to setting up Executors/ Administrators bank accounts.

  • Estate Asset/ Liabilty spreadsheet.

  • Final Account Template.

  • Guide to additional costs.

  • Statutory Advert Templates.

  • Distribution Guides.

  • Beneficiary Letter Templates.

  • Trust Information.

  • Technical Helpline Access.

How To Get Probate is the most comprehensive and complete resource available for DIY Probate in England and Wales.

Mrs J Wells

"I never knew probate was so complex.

The resources in this pack are invaluable.

They helped me administer my Dad's estate quickly and efficiently. It saved me and my mum so much stress."

J Wells, Stamford

"Doing Probate Yourself is perfectly possible. This guide will save you time and money and give you the confidence that you are doing the right things."

W Gregory, Stockport

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